We received the following message from Mark yesterday to share with you: "...Half way through the writing stage for another record. Will start demos of what I've got very soon... Will keep ye posted."

So, check back soon! If we're lucky he'll send us some audio or video.

Check out Mark and Zoob perform "I Thought that Love Would Win" recently at The Scratcher Sessions in NYC.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Mark sing in your very own home? There is a growing trend towards intimate music venues and a house gig is about as intimate of a performance as it gets. Here's what you need to know.

Walking into see singer-songwriter Mark Dignam on Sunday night at The Scratcher Sessions, the author literally bumped into Glen Hansard who was there to cheer on his longtime musical co-hort. Being that it was the day before St. Patrick's Day surrounded by Irish musicians, you can only imagine what the crowd were in for.

Mark shares his take on the music business with the Creative Juice - from his experiences being a musician for the past 30-odd years; the ups and downs, how he manages to make a living and stay creative in an extremely competitive and often grueling industry, and the surprising start to his musical career.


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